Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Toy Town

One of my favorite techniques to play with for landscape images is Tilt Shift. The Tilt Shift effect makes the items photographed have the appearance of being small and toy-like. This effect can be achieved two ways: through the use of a special camera lens and through the use of Photoshop.
Objects that are very colorful work in Tilt Shift particularly well. When the technique is done in Photoshop, the color is increased to enhance the effect. The yellow of the school buses really shows up in the top photo. The bright red of the fire engines parked in front of a fire department in York, England helps technique turn the full size vehicles into apparent Matchbox size cars. The little pedestrians look every bit like small statutues. Beautiful, colorful umbrellas and tents on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama are particularly colorful and vibrant. Even something with less color, such as a fountain in the courtyard of Vatican City can be made to look like a toy.

Tilt Shift can be challenging. There are times when I can tell ahead of time that I will use this technique and specifically seek to take a photo with this in mind. Other times, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the photo itself seems ready for it. The Vatican Fountain was one such photo that because of the angle (taken from ground level) and the sideways light of the setting sun became a natural candidate for Tilt Shift with very little work. I love the little surprises in photography.

School children play near three school buses that look like toys.

Tilt Shift makes the buses and children look like toys.

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