Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Chelsea Intermediate School presents “SECRETS”

I love working with creative people. I have a friend who certainly fits the bill. He’s a local 5th grade teacher, who uses his own love of the creative side of things to inspire his students. For the fourth year now, he’s been orchestrating his students and guiding them in the process of making a movie. He teaches them creative writing, spelling, grammar, and storytelling as they write and star in their very own movie.

This year he’s outdone himself with a 30 minute movie, Secrets, which he was able to arrange to premiere at the local Rave Theatre for friends and family of his students. While, the Rave was great to our little group, they did not change out the 16 movie posters out front. This is how we would have liked to have seen the front of the theatre when we arrived this morning.


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