Rachel K. Ivey Photography – A Back Injury, an iPhone 4, and a New Year’s Resolution

I am an active person. I like to run. I like to stay busy. Even “taking it easy” usually means I’m processing photos, learning from online workshops, reading photography books, sometimes simultaneously. And then I injured my back…twice…within a week.

For me, the last month has been a whirl of medical visits and lying mostly flat on my back. It’s enough to drive an active person a little crazy. Oddly enough my New Year’s resolution has been my salvation. Well, more like a combination of my New Year’s resolution AND a load of pharmaceuticals, but you get the idea.

Long before I injured my back, I resolved to start the new year by taking and editing one iPhone photo every single day of 2012. I called it the 2012 iPhone Project 366. For an active person this is a very easy task, but not so much when you’re flat on your back. Enter the iPhone 4.

Not only does the iPhone 4 make calls, but it also has an amazing built-in camera. My iPhone is not full of songs, tv shows, or movies. Mine is full of photography and videography apps. These apps can take a great iPhone image and turn it into something really unique. Having something to focus on beyond my injury each day has helped immensely, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t missed a day.

My back is healing albeit very slowly. I look forward to being back at my full strength one of these days, so I can start taking pictures in more exciting locales than my living room, physical therapy, or my doctor’s office and not just with my iPhone.

To see all my iPhone Project 366 photos to date, visit my Flickr project.

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