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Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Engagement Session – Eric and Liz

I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with Eric and Liz for their engagement portrait session.  They are a hip, young couple who were interested in incorporating architectural, graffiti, and other urban elements and processing techniques in their images. We started and ended our day at Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham, AL. The


Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Glastonbury Cross

Since this is Easter weekend, I have found myself thinking about a trip I made to England in 2008. Glastonbury was at the top of my list of places to visit. My husband and I were able to make a day trip to Glastonbury from our bed and breakfast, Appletree Guest House, in Bath. Glastonbury


Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Toy Town

One of my favorite techniques to play with for landscape images is Tilt Shift. The Tilt Shift effect makes the items photographed have the appearance of being small and toy-like. This effect can be achieved two ways: through the use of a special camera lens and through the use of Photoshop. Objects that are very


Chelsea Park Tower

One of our most recognizable structures is the clock tower at Chelsea Park.  Chelsea Park is home to several neighborhoods, a park, and our newest school, Chelsea Park Elementary. I was blessed with just enough of a break in the clouds to let a little sunlight shine on this beautiful structure for a good shot.


Chelsea City Hall

Chelsea, Alabama is a very nice place to live. My family and I have called Chelsea home for over 11 years now. As a photographer, even a simple drive to buy groceries or to pick my children up from an after-school activity becomes a form of creative inspiration. After making numerous mental notes to come


Wilsonville, Alabama

One of my favorite things to do is head out into the rural areas and just find old and interesting things to photograph.  Last spring I decided to spend some time in Wilsonville, Alabama, a small town in southeast Shelby County. Wilsonville’s downtown area looks nearly unchanged from the town’s founding.  The main street area


Nashville, TN

Sometimes you find a beautiful photograph when you least expect it. In 2008, I travelled to Nashville, TN with my little sister to run in the Country Music Half Marathon. While I returned from the trip with absolutely NO pictures of either myself or my sister, I did come back with several beautiful shots in

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