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Inside Rachel’s iPhone: The Native iPhone Camera

POOR UNWANTED NATIVE CAMERA Your iPhone came pre-loaded with the Apple camera app. (This is referred to as the “native” camera app, meaning it was already there living its life, hunting deer, and growing maize, and generally minding its own business when you arrived on the scene with Smallpox, but I digress.) Most of you


Rachel K. Ivey Photography – Chelsea Intermediate School presents “SECRETS”

I love working with creative people. I have a friend who certainly fits the bill. He’s a local 5th grade teacher, who uses his own love of the creative side of things to inspire his students. For the fourth year now, he’s been orchestrating his students and guiding them in the process of making a


Chelsea Park Tower

One of our most recognizable structures is the clock tower at Chelsea Park.  Chelsea Park is home to several neighborhoods, a park, and our newest school, Chelsea Park Elementary. I was blessed with just enough of a break in the clouds to let a little sunlight shine on this beautiful structure for a good shot.


Chelsea City Hall

Chelsea, Alabama is a very nice place to live. My family and I have called Chelsea home for over 11 years now. As a photographer, even a simple drive to buy groceries or to pick my children up from an after-school activity becomes a form of creative inspiration. After making numerous mental notes to come

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